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Empowerment Self-Defense

What makes a women’s self-defense program “Empowerment Self-Defense?”

🙌It addresses the most common and dangerous threat scenarios, specifically experienced by women.

🙌Its effectiveness does not rely on strength, power, or athleticism.

🙌It teaches risk assessment and survival psychology.

🙌It teaches techniques and strategies to defend against both stranger and non-stranger aggressors.

🙌It defines victory by survival, and it will be accomplished by any means necessary.

🙌It includes scalable resistance tactics, including verbal assertiveness, feigning compliance, threat neutralization, escapes, strikes, and lethal force.

🙌It takes a trauma-informed approach to instruction.

🙌It does not place any responsibility or blame on the survivors of assaults or abuse.

Self-defense begins with the belief that WE ARE WORTH DEFENDING!✨

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