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Wellness & Wellbeing Programs


Empowered Heart Circles

Empowered Heart Circles are community gatherings for self-love and self-care to empower our hearts, minds, bodies, and unleash the creator within.

Why does joining a circle make sense for me?

When we spend time nurturing ourselves, we can be more present with others and be in the right mindset and positive energetic space to give to others, while establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries for ourselves.

What will I learn?

  • Learn simple  meditations in minutes for overall wellbeing

  • Transform fear-based emotions into love-based emotions

  • Establish healthy boundaries to protect our energetic space

  • Tap into our creative energies

We start each session with a visual waterfall shower, invoking the violet flame, and breathing into our hearts.

When do the Empowered Heart Circles meet?

Free Online Empowered Heart Circle for Stress Relief Program 

Why is The Empowered Heart offering this service?

This community service aligns with our mission, vision and values.  When we Empower people, we Elevate them and ourselves (mentally, physically, emotionally and vibrationally), and we can all Engage with others and society in positive ways, and Enlighten each other and nurture the kinship of Creatorship.


Tapping and the Art of Self-Healing

Tapping has been used for stress relief and healing from various ailments and dis-eases.  By tapping on points directly or indirectly on the body’s energy meridians, one can clear energy blockages and restore wellness.

Tong Ren is a form of tapping.  By tapping on points on an anatomical figurine (representing the person) with a magnetic hammer, the part of the body is drawn back into entrainment with healthy bioelectrical signals and the vast healing energy of our global collective unconscious.  It is also tapping into Divine Source to help awaken the doctor within.  We all have the ability to restore our own wellbeing. Everything vibrates.  When there is an illness, the body needs a little help to tune back in to the frequency of wellness. Acupuncturists have found Tong Ren to be more powerful than acupuncture. The great thing is that anyone can do it for themselves.


Community Events

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